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Leading Viking Technologies has been providing IT solutions since 1996. Just like the great Viking ships of the past that were technologically ahead of their time Leading Viking Technologies has a proven track record of leading the way in the ever-changing field of Information Technology.

Over the past several years we have become leaders in the development of highly interactive, informative, and effective E-Learning modules.

E-Learning comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. Common uses of E-Learning have been to train staff on company policies, procedures, processes, and specific training tools. E-Learning modules are also now commonly used for marketing & sales opportunities. E-Learning is taking off because of its effectiveness at relaying information that is remembered by the user. Many studies have shown that people learn much more as more types of input are used. Because of modern technological advances in E-Learning, a classroom or boardroom environment can`t compete with the audio, visuals, interactions, and quizzes that take place in real-time in an E-Learning module. Not only are they more exciting for the user, but the retention rate of the information is far greater.

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