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E-Learning We, at Leading Viking Technologies, are proud to say that we have had great relationships with all of our clients. Once you become a client of ours you quickly see how important customer service, innovation, and success is to us. Here are just a few of our testimonials that we thought we would share.

Hiring Leading Viking Technologies to develop Deloitte's highly interactive, 6 module compliance e-learning course (English and French) proved to be one of the best business decisions I've made. They stepped in to lead the development of our 1.5 hr course in Articulate Storyline, after another vendor let us down 8 weeks before launch date. Time was of the essence and our team was discouraged/doubtful about how we could deliver. They were recommended to us via a trusted colleague, so we brought them in for an emergency meeting. Within 24 hours they'd evaluated our detailed storyboards and effectively managed our expectations. While the news wasn't initially what we wanted to hear, they gave us the 'straight goods' as well as a plan for delivering within the required time period. They worked around the clock, collaborating with our subject matter experts, validating their innovative concepts with the PM and holding himself personally accountable for delivering on time and on budget. The end result was an outstanding course that received accolades from learners and business leaders within Deloitte's Canadian and Global member firms. It's rare to find a vendor with their talent, integrity and work ethic..I can't recommend them highly enough and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again on any e-learning project. Thanks!

Lisa Burchartz
Senior Manager, Ethics Program Development

We needed an E-Learning module done fast and our almost unrealistic timeline was met on time and still on budget. We were pleasantly surprised by Leading Viking Technologies.

Jennifer Salter
Vice President, Business Fit

We contracted Leading Viking Technologies to develop an E-Learning course for the Tourism Partnership of Niagara. Its focus was on providing hospitality service professionals with foundational knowledge on both the offerings of Niagara Region and corresponding service guidelines. This course was highly interactive. It was a 120+ pages, with narrators, video actors (filmed on green screens), and several customized interactions. The ratings and feedback from users throughout the region were extremely positive and went well above the metrics set forth by our client. In fact, we have subsequently received inquiries from other organizations wishing to model their e-learning courses after the Tourism Partnership of Niagara due its impact. Throughout the entire process, Jordan was an absolute pleasure to work with. His knowledge, flexibility, positivity, and most importantly to us his “client-centric” approach was exceptional. Since this project, we have collaborated with Jordan on other projects and we hope to continue this relationship well into the future.

Jo-Anne Hecht
Senior Instructional Designer and Performance Consultant
JH Consulting

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