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E-Learning Benefits

There are countless benefits of E-Learning over more traditional classroom type approaches. We have summed up below our top five.

Speed - It is a faster way for the user to learn. Rather than sitting in a classroom and learning at the same rate as everyone else in the room, users can skim past information that they already know and focus on what they don't. In case where the user already knows the information well they can skip right to the quiz portion.

Location, location, location - Users do not have to drive to a physical location to take part in a course they can do it from the comfort of their own home or office or anywhere with their laptop, iPad, or mobile device.

Timing - The pace of the course is not set by the course dates. Unless otherwise specified within the E-Learning module, users can work on a course to completion over the span of days or months. This is particularly helpful for parents and people with full time jobs trying to learn in their free time.

Current - Unlike books, it is easy to update E-Learning modules and keep them current. No need for a trip to the publisher every time a change is needed. Just make the change online and the next time someone runs the module they will be seeing the most current version.

Tracking - Because they are digital, E-Learning modules are much easier to track who takes them. There are different levels of tracking. You could track just the basics like the name and contact information of who signed up and received the link or login information. Or you can implement very detailed tracking which tracks things like how questions are answered, how long each stage takes the average user, how far along users get, etc.

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