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E-Learning Uses

On a daily basis people are coming up with more uses for E-Learning. Below are some of the uses that we have witnessed.

The Classroom Course - Initially the reason E-Learning was created was to replace classroom type courses. While it has not replaced them completely, because of its ability to increase the retention of information it is being looked at more intently by universities and colleges.

Training Staff - There is nothing more effective at training an organization's staff than E-Learning modules. For example, if you are training your staff on customer service techniques, the ability to give a scenario, provide theory, show a video of a bad and good technique, and instantly test the retention of that knowledge puts E-Learning for training purposes ahead of any other technique.

Policy - The policies and procedures of an organization are boring to everyone, even the people writing them. Some organizations want more assurance that they are learned and followed and there is no better way than presenting them in an E-Learning module. You can lighten them up a bit, pass on the information, test the knowledge and print a certificate upon completion.

Training Clients - More and more companies are using E-Learning to train clients how to use their products. A very useful technique if it is software based product is to combine audio and visual teaching through the use of screen capturing video to walk users through difficult areas. Video is also extremely helpful in training clients how to use real-world hands on products as well.

Company Info - Many organizations also now use E-Learning as a fun way to teach new staff or outsiders more about the company. Timelines with images are often used, as well as interviews with the founders, and various games that pass on even more information.

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